Warning & Risk Disclosures

Important Warning & Risk

The Turtle Trading Data Array System and Model Portfolio are provided for information and educational purposes ONLY and are not intended for use in trading and investing strategies, unless it was utilized by a sophisticated, professional investment organization.  The Array System is a knowledge tool designed to help traders and investors learn how to "Trade Like a Turtle," as described herein and at www.jackassbanker.com/ai-black-box/, and provides a risk-management methodology in portfolio and trading activities.


Neither Turtle Trading LLC, Nor Robert Kelly are financial advisers.  You should always confer with your financial adviser before making any investment, or trading decision.  This information provided on this web site is for educational and research purposes, only.  There are no guarantees that past results will deliver comparable future, or present performance---and all users may not achieve the same results.  Trading and investing is an art and the decision one makes as to which markets to enter and when to enter and exit them, are critical to investment success.

Turtle Trading's model portfolio used ten different markets to construct its portfolio.  This was to exemplify how an investor or trader might construct a diversified portfolio---however, the individual trader or investor should make their own choices and should not rely on the model portfolio's selections as the basis for their trading.

There are frequently sharp differences between hypothetical performance results and actual results.  One of the limitations of hypothetical performance, as found in the Turtle Trading Data Array System results is they are prepared with the benefit of hindsight---and price and market information may not reflect actual, realistic levels which may be found, or obtained in the marketplace with real-time trading. 

In addition, hypothetical trading bears no financial risk and no hypothetical trading record as even found in the model portfolio of the Turtle Trading Data Array Service can completely account for financial risk in actual trading.  The ability to withstand losses and adhere to a particular trading program, despite trading losses, can materially and adversely impact results of real trading in the marketplace.  Finally, there are numerous other factors related to the markets, the discipline used in making trades, the financial and trading markets selected, as well as many other critical things which can impact negatively any specific trading program.  These kinds of risks cannot be fully accounted for in the preparation of hypothetical performance results, and would likely have a materially, negative affect on portfolio returns.

Using any kind of securities to try to earn a return on capital invested, involves the risk of substantial loss.  Compounding this risk, using leveraged instruments (e.g. futures, options, leveraged ETFs, leveraged equities, leveraged treasuries, leveraged currencies and virtually any other commodity, equity, currency or derivative trading instrument) in trading and investing are highly speculative and represent extremely high risk.  Only the most sophisticated traders and investors should use these instruments, in the opinion of Jackass Banker LLC and Robert Kelly.  An investor could potentially lose more than their initial investment.  Only risk capital of highly sophisticated investors, or traders, should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should even consider it.

There are also many other risks associated with the Turtle Trading Data Array System.  It is influenced by algorithms, but human discretion may also be applied.  The model portfolio assumes an initial capital account of $1 Million.  The reported returns do not include other costs of use, they do not accurately include commissions & fees, and they do not account for inevitable market slippage, when prices are not able to be executed at the quoted prices.  All price quotes used in the Turtle Trading Data Array System depend on third parties to deliver information accurately.  The System relies on a historical database, and having accurate data is vital to creating the results and knowledge presented in the Turtle Trading Array System.  In short, if you use the Turtle Trading Data Array System---YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.  IT IS UP TO THE USER TO DECIDE ON HOW TO TRADE AND INVEST.  The Turtle Trading Data Array Platform is an education tool designed to assist professionals how to better trade like a "Turtle"---WITH NO GUARANTEE YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.

There is no assurance, and no guarantee, the Turtle Trading Data Array System and/or Model Portfolio are able to display accurate data and results in the arrays and/or profit and loss summaries because of the dependence on third-parties, market fluctuations, as well as the fact results are subject to potential human, programming and/or data errors.

Trading is highly risky, and only the most sophisticated of organizations and persons should utilize a trading system such as this.  It is fraught with great risk, where any person or entity could lose all their money using the Turtle Trading Data Array System.  Caution is the by-word and is important to remember when evaluating any trading system, including the Turtle Trading Data Array System, the Model Portfolio (and its theoretical trading activity posted on this site during the second quarter from April to June, 2018, as produced under "Model Portfolio" on this web site), and any historical summaries of theoretical profit and loss using the Turtle Trading Data Array System.

Errors in summation, misreading data, typos, missed lines and mistakes in math, personal judgment with respect to positioning, and mistakes in other ways are not only possible---but probable.  Any serious evaluation of the software should be done under the glare of the interested parties own due diligence and calculations.

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