Mug---The $30 Trillion Heist---Scene of the Crime?

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Mug---Scene of the Crime

This great mug will make quite a statement, when someone asks you why Uncle Sam is looking a lot like Gulliver, when Gulliver was all tied up by the Lilliputians!  Unfortunately, Uncle Sam is tied up by something much bigger than the small, Lilliputians---he is tied up by the big banks!!

The $30 Trillion Heist asks the grave and important question everyone in Congress is afraid to know the answer to:  

“Did The Federal Reserve And Its Co-Conspirators

Commit Treason Against The United States Of America?”

Read the tables on pages 201-203 and discover how the Federal Reserve, without the consent of Congress, handed out $26 Trillion to the banks---and $10 Trillion of it was to foreign institutions!!  This is iron-clad proof of collusion, and is documented by the United States Government itself---by the General Accounting Office!  The $30 Trillion Heist: Scene Of The Crime? puts this evidence into your hands, and explains exactly why 100,000,000 Americans aren't being counted in the work force, and are out of work:  the banks siphoned the money out of the system!!

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