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Mug---Jackass Banker

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JA Banker Mug

Our Zebra has a secret meaning! After reading the Federal Reserve Trilogy, you will be one of the few who know what the banks and the Federal Reserve have done to our cities, people and economy. Nearly $30 Trillion was taken without consent of the Congress---which would have been enough to re-energize and employ tens of millions of people! Instead, the banks kept the money and have made their preferred asset classes rise in price---causing a higher Dow, a higher bond market and higher real estate prices---these are the preferred asset classes of the very rich---the elite.

Of course, their greed only makes it more and more expensive for the regular person to survive, and it is one of the key reasons 100 million Americans are no longer considered in the "work force." These poor people have been out of work for so long, the government doesn't even consider them to be employable.  That's almost 1/3 of our nation's people!

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