Mug---D'Apocalypse Now!---The Doomsday Cycle

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Mug D'Apocalypse Now

Robert Kelly's D’Apocalypse Now! ---The Doomsday Cycle, is one of the finest books of financial forecasting written in recent memory.  

This remarkable ebook successfully made the following predictions---and it contains many others, just waiting to be fulfilled.  There are specific stocks recommendations and Mr. Kelly even provides detailed tables which list precisely where to own (i.e. specific price levels) gold, in advance of what shall be major mayhem in governments, worldwide.

Many pundits have claimed they predicted many things, but very, very few people had the courage to write down their predictions and publish them---long before the events occurred.  If you are trying to prepare your family for what is to come, this book is a must-read for the summer's beach-reading list! 

D’Apocalypse Now! ---The Doomsday Cycle, predictions fulfilled: 

“Europe will be a major factor here. The Euro will go bust.” (par.2, page 198) 

“…gold will drop below the first level of support at $1,196.67/oz. and the author believes as rates ratchet up and the dollar rallies, gold will drop even more.” (par.1, page 290). 

“China at risk of a bubble implosion, because of debt…” (par.1, page 288).

“Must exit by May 2015…You should be OUT of all markets by May 31, 2015.” (par.4, page 307).

“Exit all positions by the end of May 2015.” (in bold italics, par.4, page 314).  May of 2015 was the \"high\" of the last cycle.  The charts and graphs in the book clearly show the \"Target Range\" for the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting between 22,000 to 30,000---and possibly higher, before the system failures begin to kick in.

The probability of making all of these predictions, with such specificity, is nearly 1 in 1000. 

Author Robert Kelly’s extraordinary forecasts and warnings worldwide, and his books, are written for people from all walks of life--- and particularly for those who have an interest in financial markets.  Those thoughtful minds who are concerned about the world's growing debt, the explosion in derivatives, and the violent and growing around the world, will find this book \"a must.\"  These are serious warning signs of what is to come---and those who are prepared will profit handsomely from the chaos which will befall us.

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