Mug---$30 Trillion Heist---The Federal Reserve---Follow The Money!

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Mug Follow The Money!

Mr. Kelly issues a jarring and scathing review of the secret and unauthorized actions by the Federal Reserve System, while uncovering what may be the greatest crime of all time.  His meticulous work tells the story of an utterly covert operation by the Fed and the elite.  Together, they plotted and completed an incredible secret heist totaling nearly $30 Trillion.  This money was absconded directly from the American taxpayer and was taken without the consent, or knowledge, of Congress. 

What was the heist’s purpose?  After Congress refused to approve any more bailout money, The Fed and the banks took it upon themselves to surreptitiously reimburse the banks, and the elite, for losses they experienced during the credit crisis. 

Mr. Kelly’s detective work in Follow The Money! reveals “Cui Bono?”---Who Benefits?  Readers will be shocked at the unveiled and detailed ownership structure of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, as it provides first-hand evidence of why it was possible to setup the heist, in the first place.  It is truly a case of putting the “Fox in charge of the hen house.”  Readers will stand aghast when the Fed’s own auditors and U.S. General Accounting Office disclose the flagrant risks at the Fed, today

Create a conversation with this beautiful mug, which tells a very interesting story of greed run amok!

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