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Learn to Trade Like a Turtle

If you are interested in learning how to trade like the world famous "Turtles," Robert Kelly shall be teaching an intensive two-day workshop on the weekend of July 8-July 9, 2017 in New York City.  The "Turtles" became famous when many of their graduates went on to become leading money managers in the world.  Curtis Faith, who learned the system at 19 years of age, made approximately $34 Million over a 4-5 year time period, and began with a capital account of only $2,000,000!

Mr. Kelly shall teach the techniques he has described and written about in his book, Holding The Fort.  This books describes and documents how Mr. Kelly taught a group of inmates, in prison, how to use a Turtle-like system to make amazing profits.  Over a class, calendar quarter, a group of eleven men collectively earned millions of dollars---without anyone losing money in their theoretical bank accounts (inmates can't use, or have access to, cash) when the class ended.  The "high" profit was over $500,000 and each student started with a theoretical $1,000,000 in their capital accounts.

The methods and results of Mr. Kelly's system were meticulously recorded and reported on in his new book, Holding The Fort, and students who attend the workshop shall walk away with the knowledge Mr. Kelly provided this unique group of eleven men he taught, and tutored, to learn the system.  Students who are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement shall also receive an excel spread sheet which uses Mr. Kelly's system to cover over 30 different markets.  Each market has been programmed with the embedded rule sets, risk management system and trading recommendations generated by the system.  The reason for the NDA is to ensure the knowledge and quick access to multiple markets is not spread out to the world-at-large.  Graduates from this class will be among a special group of people who have the tools to trade using this advanced trading system.

Mr. Kelly shall teach this class for the remarkably low price of $5,000 and attendance shall be limited.  The venue shall be provided to enrolled students after the deadline date for enrollment, which is Father's Day, June 18, 2017.  It the event becomes too crowded, the deadline date may be sooner and notification of such change shall be made on this web site.

Mr. Kelly, ideally, only wants about 20 people to attend.

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