Holding The Fort

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This is the true story about how Christian and convicted white-collar CEO, Robert Kelly, became a GED instructor inside America’s largest prison, stuck to the guns of his faith, and tried to make a difference.  During his sentence and over a 21-month period, he taught a bunch of bad men to become great Wall Street Traders and saw over 25 inmates receive their GED degrees, a Fort Dix Prison record.

His prison presentations on “Why You Can Believe the Bible,” and his other Christian activities, resulted in major confrontations with zealots of Islam, and they branded him, “The White Devil."  To put the icing on the cake, Mr. Kelly also almost died while incarcerated---nearly turning a two-year prison term into a death sentence, due to poor medical treatment  in captivity.

Mr. Kelly’s hard-charging battle against recidivism (i.e. the propensity for ex-offenders to return to prison) was highly unusual for an inmate.  Mr. Kelly could see men needed to be retrained with good,  employable skills to successfully return to society, otherwise they would return to prison and likely just become another statistic in the recidivism table.   He applied his Wall Street knowledge and skill to create a curriculum from scratch---"How to Trade Like a Turtle."  He then taught a group of drug dealers, thieves and criminals to legally make millions of dollars trading on Wall Street, which is a great alternative to dealing drugs, or committing other crimes.  The inmate's trades, the system he deployed and their results are completely documented in this exciting story.  

The average profit, per person, in his class was $301,406 in 52 trading days.

His life inside the bowels of America’s largest Federal Correctional Institution at Fort Dix, New Jersey, is honest, certainly unique, and one for the record books.  It is the story of a man who went to prison to serve other people, knowing he had pled guilty to a crime and must pay the price.  During his captivity, Mr. Kelly spent thousands of hours tutoring inmates, helped write court petitions, and advocated for leniency and true justice on behalf of many less fortunate men inside of America’s largest prison.

The men he had to leave behind are truly the men left “Holding the Fort,” and the lessons Mr. Kelly learned should be read by every lawmaker and person in the land. 

Recidivism only breeds more lawlessness and violence---it must be stopped.




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