Federal Reserve Trilogy Reviews

Praise for the Federal Reserve Trilogy

"This explosive series of books is a must read for anybody who wants an insight into how our economy, our government and our very society is rigged in favor of the elite and against the average citizen, and has been for decades.

With thorough research and documentation, Mr. Kelly removes the veil of mystery surrounding how the one percent has been exploiting the system at the expense of the average American---but, they don't stop there!  D'Apocalypse Now!---The Doomsday Cycle, the third book in the Federal Reserve Trilogy, arms you with the signals to watch for and the strategies to implement yourself to turn things around.  As the system continues to be dishonestly manipulated by insiders, you will be not only protected by on the winning side!

With many of his forecasts already coming true, you can't afford to miss what Mr. Kelly has to say."

---David Connolly



"This book opened my eyes up to an underworld I never knew existed.  Kelly illustrates how when power is controlled by just a few, corruption is soon to follow.  I recommend this book to anyone who desires to be fluent in the language of monetary policy."

---Michael Winans, Jr.


"WOW, what a great read!  Outstanding information that allows the reader to peek into the Federal Reserve Banking System.  Something this good, this thorough, cannot be missed.  Kelly takes you through the creation and history of the Federal Reserve Bank and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 that is easy to read and understand.  I found the detail of Kelly's writing so unique and important that I utilized his full legal description of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 in my own legal case that my own attorneys were unable to find.  This book will literally set you free!  Mr. Kelly, thank you and God Bless!"

---Gary Snisky

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