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ebook: The $30 Trillion Heist---The Federal Reserve---Scene of the Crime? Volume I The Federal Reserve Trilogy

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ebook: The Scene of the Crime?

Robert L. Kelly's The Federal Reserve Trilogy Uncovers the Truth behind the Fed’s $30 Trillion Heist

Robert L. Kelly trumpets the virtual horn of Gabriel in The $30 Trillion Heist: Scene Of The Crime?and The $30 Trillion Heist: Follow The Money!---the first two books in The Federal Reserve Trilogy.  In these breakthrough, non-fiction documentaries, Mr. Kelly issues a scathing and teeth-rattling review of the secret and unauthorized actions by the Federal Reserve System, while uncovering what may be the greatest crime of all time.  His meticulous work tells the story of an utterly covert operation---a secret heist by the Fed, the banks and the elite of nearly $30 Trillion from the American taxpayer, absconded without the consent of Congress, or permission of the people.   

The $30 Trillion Heist asks the grave and important question everyone in Congress is afraid to know the answer to:  

“Did The Federal Reserve And Its Co-Conspirators

Commit Treason Against The United States Of America?”

Read the tables on pages 201-203 and discover how the Federal Reserve, without the consent of Congress, handed out $26 Trillion to the banks---and $10 Trillion of it was to foreign institutions!!  This is iron-clad proof of collusion, and is documented by the United States Government itself---by the General Accounting Office!  The $30 Trillion Heist: Scene Of The Crime? puts this evidence into your hands, and explains exactly why 100,000,000 Americans aren't being counted in the work force, and are out of work:  the banks siphoned the money out of the system!!

Big-bank ownership control creates an impossible conflict of interest for the Federal Reserve---while empowering only a few elitists.  They use this power to wrest financial control from the governed, for the benefit of a small group of powerful, unelected people, at the expense of over 80% of the population.

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