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ebook---Black Storm: Curse on the Caliphate Volume II Colt Jackson Thriller Series

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ebook Black Storm: Curse on the Caliphate

Robert L. Kelly’s Black Storm:  Curse on the Caliphate, Pits U.S. Navy SEAL Commander Colt Jackson Against an Islamic State Armed with Nuclear Weapons!

A sweeping story, Black Storm: Curse on the Caliphatetakes place in the United States, the Caribbean, South America, Europe and, of course, the Middle East.  Commander Colt Jackson, introduced in Mr. Kelly's last novel, Blood Moon Over D'Apocalypse is a Navy Seal who is asked to take on extraordinary missions. 

In this second novel of the “Colt Jackson Thriller & Adventure Stories,” Commander Jackson leads his SEALs against enemies who bring danger to the U.S. homeland.  In this epic saga, the clever and diabolical leaders of the Islamic State (i.e. "ISIL") have engaged in a global scheme with one objective:  the complete destruction of America.   Their PhD leader and self-proclaimed Caliphate, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a Sunni Muslim, has used his Mensa IQ to create an allegiance of axis powers.  These include North Korea, Pakistan, Turkey, Qatar, Venezuela, as well as  elements of the military and  political powers, from China and Russia. 

Abu Bakr, an avid student of Islamic history, will not strike America until ISIL is ready.  When he does make a move, his genius mind has planned a death blow for the "Great Satan,” using nuclear weapons---paving his way to a complete takeover of the Middle East---in secret collaboration with North Korea.

In a non-stop action thriller, U.S. Navy SEALs, the NSA and the CIA must use every collective resource at their disposal to combat the brutal killers and murderers of ISIL.   The intense drama and vivid writing of Mr. Kelly, makes for an exhilarating story.  From hand-to-hand combat, advanced intelligence systems and weapons right out of Star Wars, the detailed research is artfully, and seamlessly, woven into the plot line. 

Readers are taken into the inner circle of the NSA with a remarkable woman by the name of Lori Sanders, a brilliant and vivacious superstar---who happens to love Colt Jackson.  Her quick mind and persistent commitment of service to country, is a female, mirror-image of Commander Jackson.  Naturally, the sparks will fly!

“Black Storm” is a remarkable suspense novel, loaded with action, and is frighteningly realistic.  Will Commander Colt Jackson save the day?  Who will live and who will die?  Only an unforgettable read will reveal the truth!

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