Colt Jackson Reviews

Praise for Colt Jackson Thriller and Adventure Stories


"It seems Colt Jackson is a very busy character.  Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness and kind words."

---Four-Star General & Chairman, Joint Chief of Staffs, Martin E. Dempsey, U.S. Army




"Move over Tom Clancy, there's a new military thriller series in America!  The Colt Jackson novels by Robert Kelly are breathlessly paced, action packed, high-octane thrillers with a hero in the best tradition of Jack Reacher, or even Bond, himself.

But, there's more!  Both books, Black Storm:  Curse on the Caliphate and Blood Moon Over D'Apocalypse, contain valuable information about our nation and current economy, and the possible real-life tragic consequences of our current course.  The books are explosive and impossible to put down."

---David Connolly





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