Book: Blood Moon Over D'Apocalypse Volume I---A Colt Jackson Thriller & Adventure Story

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Robert L. Kelly’s Blood Moon Over D’Apocalypse Pits U.S. Navy SEAL Commander Colt Jackson, American Hero, Against the Mother of All Evils!

Blood Moon Over D’Apocalypse™  is a penetrating and piercing story which rivets readers in its action, suspense, realism and drama.  Rarely has a book vividly portrayed truly complex issues of our day into such a delightful read---perfect for the plane, the beach, or at bedtime. 

In this first “Colt Jackson Thriller & Adventure Story,” the world is introduced to Commander Colt Jackson, a true American hero and Christian warrior.  He is a highly decorated U.S. Navy SEAL, who is sent on nearly impossible missions---with only his fellow brothers, patriots and the good Lord above, to stand by and protect him.  Colt also isn't perfect.  He is complicated, while dedicating his life helping freedom-loving people, all over the world.  For him, temptation, the high demands of his job, and his desire to do God’s will for his life, makes him always walk a tightrope.  He's a man's man, calls them the way he sees them, and has many mortal weaknesses---just like any other man on the face of the earth.

Whether it his natural instinct to survive righteous life-and-death battles against evil enemies, or his fight against the testosterone-fueled, manly desires of life, Commander Colt Jackson knows the pain and pleasure of trying to do the Lord's will---many times succeeding, but other times failing miserably.

In this story, there is a devious and brilliant scheme against the United States and financial markets, worldwide.  Lucifer, himself, disguised as one of the world’s most popular politicians, is in league with the elite, and they are plotting the greatest collapse of financial markets in human history.  Millions of people are threatened with devastation, while Colt’s team faces murderous threats from highly sophisticated enemies---including a brigade of highly-trained Priest Assassins and powerful, foreign mercenary forces.

Readers are taken inside the famous shark tank on Tokyo Bay, and witness gruesome murder in Hong Kong.  They capture the life of the super-elite at the Palace Hotel in Gstaad, while suffering the turmoil of a riveting, minute-by-minute, heart-thumping chase through the streets of London, where a brave, gorgeous and helpless woman is being mercilessly pursued in a “hold-your-breath” page burner.  Just when readers think they are given a break while enjoying a relaxing meal in Georgetown, they are catapulted onto the battlefields of Afghanistan.

Who dies and who doesn’t?  Is treason committed by the Federal Reserve and the big banks?  Will Colt Jackson and his SEALS make it through a highly complex gauntlet of murder, mayhem, hysteria and treachery?  Will danger at every turn take the lives of innocent souls?  Only the worlds’ elite can attest if this tale is true, but one thing is certain:

The fate of Colt Jackson, two beautiful women, the President of the United States and the future of the U.S. and Western Europe, hangs in the balance! 

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