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Posted by Jackass Banker Publications on May 18th 2017


Our books are written with vividness and imagery, which few other literary works can rival. The non-fiction books about the Federal Reserve contain some of the finest investigative journalistic work on this subject, ever written.  The amount of documented evidence of wrong doing by the powers-that-be, is simply staggering.

If you want to know why there are still 100,000,000 people who don't have good jobs and are not considered part of the work force or, you are wondering why the Dow Jones Industrial Average has soared---you need to read the three books of The Federal Reserve Trilogy.  These books prove the Federal Reserve and the banks took nearly $30 Trillion of taxpayer-backed money, without the consent of Congress, to bail themselves out of the financial crisis! 

After reading this trilogy, you will be angry and perhaps write your congressional representatives---or, better yet, vote all the old-guard politicians out of office, both Republicans and Democrats, because Congress hasn't learned anything!

The only thing it has learned to do is spend money created out of thin air.  This debt WILL come crashing down on all of us in the near future.  This is the subject of the third book of the trilogy, D'Apocalypse Now!---The Doomsday Cycle.  It is about a debt and derivatives collapse of galactic proportions, which is unavoidable; however, the book provides important suggestions on how to prepare for this calamity.

The staggering debt and liabilities our leaders have piled on each person, are the true culprits behind the burnout of our inner cities, the deplorable state of our infrastructure and the truly horrific employment picture in America and Western Europe.

As a Christian-based publishing company, we are committed to truth---whether it is uncomfortable, or not, is unimportant. It is our mission to tackle some of the most important issues of our day, and involve readers from all walks of faith in their quest for truth. The reality of events and circumstances which surround the 21st Century demand fact-based, documented information.  As a result, you will find the documentation in our non-fiction books world class, and as for our fiction works, with their realistic action, portrayal of avant-guard technology and advanced, secret weaponry, you will become mesmerized while reading them.

These books of fiction, The Colt Jackson Thriller & Adventure Stories, reflect real-life threats which potentially impact all of us.  They can easily be classified as "techno-thrillers," because the author's intimate knowledge of technology has been integrated into the plots of each novel.  Combined with the thrilling and dangerous actions of Colt Jackson and his team, these books make for compelling, page-turning reading.  Their extreme realism, combined with the hair-raising operations and gallant bravery of Colt Jackson, his SEAL team, the NSA, CIA and U.S. Military, create "hold-your-breath" experiences throughout this series.  

Colt Jackson books are spell-binding and intelligent reads.  The reader can find great enjoyment in them, while learning something new about the threats facing all of us, today. While they may seem quite "masculine" in their title and style, it is of interest to note two of the major characters in their pages are women.  One of them is a brilliant and highly skilled NSA analyst, named Lori Sanders.  She is also quite athletic and beautiful. The other leading lady is a street-smart, gorgeous, billionaire-widow from the U.K., named Mary Barrister. Her bravery and courage are simply amazing. Both of these incredible females intertwine their lives with Commander Colt Jackson's.  This causes some real fireworks along the way---including romantic tension, danger at every turn and a pure, spiritual battle against evil, which will not only make your heart race, but will also pull on your heartstrings at the same time.

The grand challenges and threats faced by the Western World are monumental and require the best-of-the-best to ensure Christian values win out, because we are in a battle against evil on virtually all fronts. 

Please feel free to leave a comment, and we hope you enjoy our books and products. Our merchandise uses our own artwork and imagery surrounding the heroic characters of the Colt Jackson Thriller & Adventure Stories, as well as some of the interesting visuals contained in The Federal Reserve Trilogy.

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