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Trading Signals Covering 44 Major Markets 

Our 2018 Model Portfolio Annualized a Theoretical Return +504% When We Posted Our Blog During the Second Quarter of 2018 (+82% in 60 Days).

Our 2019 Model Portfolio Annualized a Theoretical Return of +496% When We Posted Our Blog During the Second Quarter of 2019 (+124% in 90 Days).

The AI Black Box Data Array Portfolio Management System was invented by Robert Kelly, founder of Jackass Banker, LLC.  By analyzing a wide variety of markets (44 of the largest publicly traded markets in the world) with our proprietary and tightly guarded software system, research into markets is produced.  This "research" analyzes a wide number of variables and ultimately issues a simple decision whether a market is trending bullishly, or bearishly (or not trending at all), according to its quantitative data analysis.  The AI Black Box platform is a robust system which provides daily, easy-to-understand buy, sell and exit signals for the equity, treasury, currency, commodity (e.g. metals, energy, grains, softs & meats) and Crypto markets.  It is designed to deliver to professionals (i.e. a busy trader, portfolio manager or sophisticated, qualified investor), a list of decisions and risk management parameters on many of the major trading markets.  This information (see below for example data arrays) is designed to teach a trader or investor, how to rapidly and efficiently react to market changes, while providing objective decision-making guidance.  The ultimate decision to "buy" or "sell" is left to the professional.

Jackass Banker's AI Black Box system was inspired by the original Turtles, whose founders were out of Chicago.  If you don't know who they are, it is important to understand their fame and their trading style.  The Turtle system used risk management (which we incorporate into our trading arrays) via position sizing, dynamic stop-loss adjustments and of course, critical trend signals to educate the user as to when trends may be ready to take off in various markets---either up, or down.  Importantly, our Turtle Trading Data Array system also helps professionals, who want to trade more like a Turtle, WHEN to exit a given market.  While the platform currently cover 44 markets, and may be expanded to other global markets in the future, the original Turtles only traded in ten markets at any one time.  It is up to the trader, investor or user of our Turtle Trading Data Array System to make their own investment decisions as to markets, amounts traded/invested, as well as entry and exit points.  Neither Jackass Banker, LLC or Robert Kelly are financial advisers, or commodity futures trading advisers.  Like any other data-driven, educational resource, the users of our system must balance and decide for themselves, how, when and what to trade.

The major market sectors covered include:

  1. Currencies
  2. Equities
  3. U.S. Treasuries
  4. Crypto
  5. Metals
  6. Energy
  7. Grains
  8. Softs
  9. Meats

Regardless of how many markets you trade, diversification is very important.  We teach traders and investors to trade in only ten markets at any one time---and within that restriction, ideally, only trade in two similar markets (e.g. if you are trading 10-Year Treasuries, you should only trade in one other treasury, if you are trading in the grains, only select two of them, etc.) simultaneously.

OK...Quickly, Who were the Turtles? 

The Turtles were a group of Wall Street traders founded by Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt, who had a unique way of trading the financial markets.  There are many books which have been written about their exploits.  One individual, Curtis Faith, earned more than $30 million over an approximate 4-year period of time when he used the system (He started with $2 Million in capital made available by Mr. Dennis and Mr. Eckhardt.).  

We have created a quantitative platform using our own proprietary Turtle logic which delivers a daily, concise summary of 44 markets.  The program distills information from dozens of markets into a precise format which money managers may find helpful in their pursuit of profitability.  We hope you learn to trade better, and more consistently, than you have ever before by learning this system and its embodiment of Turtle-Trading knowledge rules.  The data array and signals can be sent to traders via email or posted to a secure page---providing an easy way to inform key portfolio managers in large trading organizations of signal changes in key markets.  

Jackass Banker's Turtle-Trading Array:

Jackass Banker's proprietary “Turtle Trading” Data Array Feed delivers an easy-to-read array, which currently analyzes 44 different major financial, commodity and currency markets.  It provides easy-to-understand, trend signals for potential "uptrends" and "downtrends," along with entry, exit and stop loss prices for going "Long," or "Short"---see below.  This is the heart of learning the Turtle Trading System.  These Data Array instructions are integrated into our own Turtle Trading Data Array Model Portfolio.  The combination of seeing the Data Array, along with how a money manager MIGHT implement information from the Array, may add to the education of money management professionals how to "Trade Like a Turtle," and move on past our website to their own self-controlled trading future.

Nothing prevents any organization or person from learning our Turtle Trading System, and then adapting it into their own trading and investing methodology.  We will be elated when this occurs, because then we know we have done our job.  

Jackass Banker posted a Model Portfolio which we started with a $1 million theoretical balance in its capital account April 2, 2018 using our Turtle Trading System.  It has also posted the Model Portfolio for 2019Prospective purchasers of the AI Black Box can see through these examples how the model portfolio and trade history performed and how the trades ere time-stamped in 2019 to corroberate the theoretical transactions.  

Both the data array and the model portfolio were developed by Jackass Banker, LLC (and specifically by Robert Kelly) and are proprietary.  No assurance can be made that the Turtle Trading System, or the model portfolio used by Jackass Banker will be able to perform in a manner similar to that of Curtis Faith and the original Turtles (when they learned to become "Turtle Traders" with William Eckhardt and Richard Dennis), nor can we assure, or guarantee that our past performance shall be indicative of future results.

It is up to each professional to make his or her own trading decisions because Jackass Banker, Robert Kelly and anyone associated with Jackass Banker, LLC does not provide individual financial, investment, or trading advice.  All users of this educational platform should speak with their financial advisor(s) before making any trading, or investing decisions. 

The signals/instructions to "Go Long" or "Go Short," and any price levels triggered which are published in the Stop Loss arrays, may be used by a trader or investment professional in a variety of ways (e.g. they might be implemented in futures markets, options markets, leveraged equities, ETFs, currency futures markets, currency/FX markets, and may even be used to hedge, or buttress, traditional portfolio applications, etc.) to try and enhance overall market intelligence.  There is no guarantee any of the information provided in the Turtle Trading Arrays is accurate, and the information, guidelines and knowledge provided by this service are for educational purposes only. 

The Turtle Trading System utilizes a trend-following trading methodology, in which it is assumed leverage may be used to achieve increased performance.  The capital allocation allowed in the Jackass Banker model trading portfolio assumes a 2% allocation for each "Unit."  As you will see below, the daily arrays indicate potential capital allocations which may be appropriate for 1%, 2% and 3% of capital, which are based on a measure of volatility.  The figures depicted in "Units 1, 2, 3 & 4" represent the number of underlying contracts to acquire (or sell short) in a $1 million capital amount.  We used a "2%" allocation for the Model Portfolio, along with extended margin for various transactions, including but not limited to foreign exchange.  If we wanted to take less risk, we might choose a "1%" allocation for each Unit, and if we wanted to take more risk, we might choose a "3%" allocation for each Unit, or some other percentage decided upon for risk allocation.

Mr. Kelly Taught The Turtle Trading Methodology To A Group Of Inmates

The performance of the Turtle Trading methodology was documented by Mr. Robert Kelly when he was incarcerated at Fort Dix.  His story is recounted in the book, Holding The Fort.  The theoretical returns achieved by the eleven men who graduated from Mr. Kelly's class during the first quarter of 2015 (and documented in Holding The Fort) were:


Theoretical Results – There is no guarantee that the results the class obtained at Fort Dix may be repeated. Class trading performance was measured over 52 trading days ( a class quarter), using the futures markets. Together, the students made a theoretical total of $3,616,879 (commissions and fees not included) from January 30, 2015 to March 31, 2015. Each student was given a theoretical bank balance of $1,000,000 at the start of trading.  No allowance was made for slippage, fast markets and other obvious issues which occur in real life trading---as this wasn't possible in prison.  Nevertheless, the exercise was enlightening:

Total Gains & Annualized Returns & Statistics:

Average percentage annualized theoretical return             =                   144.82%.
Average theoretical gain during 52-day trading period       =                   $301,406.
The median return during 52-day trading period                 =                   $268,547.
Total class theoretical profits during 52-day trading period =                   $3,616,879.
Standard deviation during 52-day trading period                =                   $139,045.


1)  Data Arrays:

Information arrays can be updated any time, but the educational demonstrations carried out by Jackass Banker in 2018 and 2019, updated daily between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time, unless a disruption in service occurred, or we were otherwise late).  Currently there are 44 markets covered  and the arrays shall be delivered in the following formats:a-new-currency-array-x.pnga-new-equity-array-x.pnga-new-treasuries-trading-array-x.pnga-new-crypto-array-x.pnga-new-metals-array-x.pnga-new-energy-array-x.pnga-new-grain-array-x.pnga-new-softs-array-x.pnga-new-meat-array-x.png

2)  Model Portfolio.  Below is an example of a Profit & Loss Statement which can be created from the implementation of Data Array signals.  The form of the template is embedded in the software platform.  We tracked the Model Portfolios' performances in this way during the educational demonstrations we provided in 2018 and 2019---and published many of them as we went along (format may change in the future).  The Statement also has some accompanying data for quick evaluation of performance.  Note:  the investments in the portfolio changed over time.


3)  Email inquiries, or questions, welcome.  Please do not ask us to provide any kind of personal financial advice.  Our ability to respond to questions is strictly limited to how the data arrays work, and explain how they are used in the model portfolio we create and disseminate for the education of interested readers.  Jackass Banker does, however, provide independent economic and market research services.

Risks, Notices & Disclaimers:

The Turtle Trading Data Array System is provided for information and research purposes ONLY.  The Array System is a knowledge tool designed to assist professional traders and investors learn how to "Trade Like a Turtle".  It is our hope at Jackass Banker LLC that professional money managers will learn the Array System and be able to Trade Like a Turtle---and improve their returns on assets under management.

Neither Turtle Trading LLC, Nor Robert Kelly are financial advisors.  No information contained in the Turtle Trading Data Array System, nor any information on this web site, is intended as investment, tax, or legal advice, as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell, or as an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any company, security, or fund.  You should always confer with your financial advisor before making any investment, or trading decision.  This service and the information provided on this web site are for educational, research and forecasting purposes, only.  There are no guarantees that past results will deliver future, or present performance---and all users may not achieve comparable results.  Trading and investing is an art and the decision one makes as to which markets to enter and when to enter and exit them, are critical to investment success.

1. Use of Services and Agreement

By using any of the products or services provided through Jackass Banker LLC or this website, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions, the "Terms of Use," as follows in sections 2-20 of the "Risks, Notices & Disclaimers" herein:

2. Agreement 

By your use of any of the services provided through Jackass Banker LLC, or this website, or by agreeing to these Risks, Notices & Disclaimers, including the Terms of Use at time of order, or by purchasing any service or product from Jackass Banker LLC, including the Turtle Trading Data Array System service, you are subject to the Terms of Use, which constitute a binding agreement between you and Jackass Banker LLC. Please read the terms, conditions, notices, disclaimers and risks of the "Notices, Risks & Disclaimers" carefully.  If you do not agree with its terms and conditions, you must immediately discontinue any use of the website and any use of the Turtle Trading Data Array System, unless otherwise agreed to in writing with Jackass Banker, LLC or its assigns.

3. Definitions

For purposes of these Terms of Use, the following definitions apply:

4. Disclaimer

No information contained in the books published by Jackass Banker LLC, or any information on its website at, or any consultative research or forecasting work performed by Jackass Banker LLC, or any communications relating to the Turtle Trading Data Array System is intended as investment, tax, or legal advice, as an offer or solicitation of an offer to sell or buy, or as an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any company, security, or fund.

5. Disclosure

Turtle Trading's Model Portfolio chooses ten different markets to construct the portfolio.  This is to exemplify how an investor or trader might construct a diversified portfolio---however, the individual trader or investor should make their own choices and should not rely on the model portfolio as the basis for their trading.

There are frequently sharp differences between hypothetical performance results and actual results.  One of the limitations of hypothetical performance, as found in the Turtle Trading Data Array System results is they are prepared with the benefit of hindsight---and price and market information may not reflect actual, realistic levels which may be found, or obtained in the marketplace with real-time trading. 

In addition, there is no financial risk in hypothetical trading and no hypothetical trading record can completely account for financial risk in actual trading (as even found in the model portfolio of the Turtle Trading Data Array Model Portfolio).  The ability to withstand losses and adhere to a particular trading program, despite trading losses, can materially and adversely impact results of real trading in the marketplace.  Finally, there are numerous other factors related to the markets, the discipline used in making trades, the financial and trading markets selected, as well as many other critical things which can impact negatively any specific trading program.  These kinds of risks cannot be fully accounted for in the preparation of hypothetical performance results, and would likely have a materially, negative affect on portfolio returns.

Using any kind of securities to try to earn a return on capital invested, involves the risk of substantial loss.  Compounding this risk, using leveraged instruments (e.g. futures, options, leveraged ETFs, leveraged equities, leveraged treasuries, leveraged currencies and virtually any other commodity, equity, currency or derivative trading instrument) in trading and investing are highly speculative and represent extremely high risk.  Only the most sophisticated traders and investors should use these instruments, in the opinion of Jackass Banker LLC and Robert Kelly.  An investor could potentially lose more than their initial investment.  Only risk capital of highly sophisticated investors, or traders, should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should even consider it.  You are urged to read the significant information and risk disclosures available publicly through the various exchanges (e.g. Options Clearing Corporation at, Commodity Futures Exchange, the National Future's Association, as well as regulatory agencies (e.g. SEC, FINRA, CFTA, etc.).

Even though Jackass Banker LLC is an educational site, it feels it is important to relay to any users of this web site Item 305 of Regulation S-K of the SEC.  It requires quantitative and qualitative disclosures related to derivatives and exposures to market risk (e.g., interest rate risk, foreign currency exchange rate risk, commodity price risk, equity price risk) from derivative financial instruments, other financial instruments and certain derivative commodity instruments. Derivative commodity instruments (including commodity futures, commodity forwards, commodity swaps, commodity options and other commodity instruments with similar features) for which the SEC‟s rules apply are those that are permitted by contract or business custom to be settled in cash or another financial instrument.  You can read more about this at, or at this summary at Ernst & YoungEven though Jackass Banker LLC, nor Robert Kelly, or any associates of Jackass Banker LLC doesn't make recommendations on securities, commodities, derivatives, currencies or any other investment/speculative vehicle, readers of this web site and users of the Turtle Trading Data Array System should be aware of these risks.

In addition, there are many other risks associated with the Turtle Trading Data Array System.  For example, it is largely governed by algorithms, but human discretion may also be applied.  The model portfolio assumes an initial capital account of $1 Million, yet the reported returns do not include other costs, nor do they accurately include commissions & fees, and they do not account for inevitable market "slippage," when prices are not able to be executed at the quoted prices, additionally there is no accounting for financial risk, market spreads, market delays and lack of market liquidity---nor do returns include any tax ramifications for a trader, or investor.  Since all price quotes used in the Turtle Trading Data Array System depend on third parties to deliver information accurately, there can be no assurance the information used and delivered by Jackass Banker LLC and Robert Kelly is reliable.  This is because the Turtle Trading Data Array System relies on a historical database, and having accurate data is vital to creating the results and knowledge presented in the Turtle Trading Data Array System.

6. Conditions of Use

The website,, emails and communications from Jackass Banker LLC may provide information about the Turtle Trading Data Array System including data provided by Jackass Banker LLC and by various third parties. Your authorization to use this Website, its content, and the data provided in connection with this website is conditioned upon your compliance with these Terms of Use.

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