2019 Trading Record 3.26.19-5.17.19

2019 Theoretical Model Portfolio

Theoretical Trading History For March 26, 2019 (Inception) to May 17, 2019

See 2019 Model Portfolio For Up-To-Date Trading Activity

Please Read "Warning & Risk Disclosures" or its Tab in the Category Listings Prominently Displayed on this Website AND the "Risks, Notices & Disclaimers on the http://jackassbanker.com/ai-black-box/ tab, above.  The theoretical trading communications shown on this web site, were proofed via email (shown herein).  Like Mr. Kelly's public demonstration of his trading skills in 2018, his public demonstration in 2019 is for educational purposes only.  For Other Dates, Click The Trade-History Link In The 2019 Model Portfolio Tab, Above. 

As of May 24 2019, at approximately 5:00 pm (ET) The Turtle Trading Data Array Theoretical Model Portfolio has increased 110% (not annualized) since it started on March 26, 2019 with a theoretical $1,000,000.  All trades are time-stamped via Google email below, along with profit and loss statements. 


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